BHR Biofuels Ltd

Process Intensification Experts

It's about Experience …

BHR Biofuels Ltd is a new type of biofuels company, drawing on over 300 man years of process design expertise. We have an enviable reputation in mixing systems and process intenseification. We have developed intense scaleable Biodiesel reactor systems based on our in-depth understanding of the chemistry, chemical engineering, kinetics, mass transfer, mass and energy balance and packaged these optimum solutions to economically maximise your profits.


Gain new profits from the world’s most advanced retro-fit esterification technology.

Our reactors can leverage new revenue from previously waste feedstocks such as POME, PSO, UCO, Brown Grease, Yellow Grease, Tallow and others.


Our technology fits seamlessly into existing biodiesel plants or as part of a new facility.

The beauty of our technology is its seamless integration into the process chain within a variety of markets.


Flexible purchasing and leasing options to work around your capital projects and ensure the best possible return.
Whether looking for outright purchase or competitive financing arrangements to limit capital exposure we can tailor a solution that works for you.