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Feedstocks that make the difference …

Feedstocks are becoming critical to the profitability of biodiesel plant. Using the esterifier reactors to access higher FFA streams can significantly increase margins and the very capable single pass transesterifier is very useful for difficult conversions and achieving low residuals in reaction.

We have experience in processing a very wide range of materials and can make supply contract introductions for feedstocks.

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Esterification Reactors - Continuous

Want to use a High Free Fatty Acid (FFA) feedstock but don’t want a 3-5 hour reaction stage? Process Intensification can be applied to the acid esterification reaction, and BHR Biofuels Ltd have designed a pressurised continuous reactor system to achieve the reduction of FFA from 50% down to less than 2% in a remarkable 5 minutes reaction time. This reduces soap formation, reduces catalyst use and the methanol can be recycled for optimum efficiency.
Contact us to discuss the many benefits of adding a Continuous Esterifier to your system.
Systems available for 50 to 400 TPD.

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Transesterification Reactors - Continuous

For production rates of 50 tonnes per day up to 400 tonnes per day, these continuous high mass-transfer reactors are designed and built to provide the best possible fully integrated, skid mounted system. They are designed around profiled mixing systems to enable the best reaction rates achievable with robust designs with no moving parts. They operate in transitional regimes with profiled mixing and flow regime to enable complete reaction in less than 60 seconds with a single exposure to methanol and catalyst

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Transesterification Reactors - Batch

BHR batch reactors can be designed with 500 litres to 1500 litres configurations, these systems are capable of making between 0.5 tonnes to 6 tonnes per day (depending on ancillary equipment). The systems use a pumped jet-mixed loop mixing system that obtains highly turbulent mixing, to achieve complete reaction in less than 60 minutes.
Robust construction with welded stainless steel and full ATEX certification through independent assessment with a Government approved notified body. Safety assessment through HAZOP evaluation and supplied with full on-site training and support package to ensure you are safe in the operation and achieve the highest standard of fuel.

Process Intensification and Chemical Engineering Consultancy

Our team has a broad knowledge of Chemical Process engineering and particularly the discipline of Process Intensification. This allows us to very quickly assess a current process and advise on the best way to make a step change to the performance of a system. And not just for biofuels - Members of our team have worked in the Chemical and Process industries designing systems for Specialty chemical and Pharmaceutical clients.

Process Intensification is a Design Process that matches the measured parameters of the chemistry to the physical performance of the system - Using our knowledge of system performance to match:

Reaction time = Residence Time
Mixing rate = Mass transfer rate
Heat of reaction = Heat transfer
Kinetics = Heat transfer rate
Reaction profile = Flow Regime

All through this process we ensure the cost of a system is sustainable by the earnings of a process to increase profitability.

We can provide advice and expertise in many aspects of biodiesel production, but especially in the following areas:
IPPC licence application and operation - including information required and emission assessment.
ATEX compliance and safety overview of plant - Interpretation of the legislation to make sure you comply.
HAZOP studies and evaluation of process risk and safety.
Design improvement and process optimisation. An expert overview of what might be possible and potential for production upgrades.
Contact us to find out more about the services we offer and what knowledge we can bring to your Biodiesel production.

Ancillary equipment skids
Full system designs are available to enable complete integration with existing plant. BHR Biofuels Ltd also supply ancillary equipment for:
  • Settling tanks
  • Product storage
  • Filtration skids
  • Methanol recovery systems
  • Flash evaporation tanks
  • Centrifuge systems
Contact us to discuss your requirements.
Training courses.....


Expert training available by qualified chemists and engineers to provide a complete understanding of:-

  • Process Chemistry
  • Safety systems
  • Analysis
  • Legislation

and also gain hands-on experience of making biofuel.

Open days
Come and see the systems we have on-site and see the processors in operation.
Reactor systems made to achieve short reactions times, cost effective operation and small form factors to allow easy retro fitting to existing plant and reduced civil costs for new installations.